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Our Story-old

the path less walked

My name is Josh Fletcher and I wanted to share a little bit of my story so you get an insight into how you ended up here and reading our story. 

I come from a High-Performance Sports background where I have been working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Performance Manager for 12 years. My career has been as weird and wonderful a journey as it has rewarding and painful.

My decisions have taken me around the globe and the pursuit of adventure and living outside my comfort zone steers me like a compass. I have spent time in the following roles and countries:

  • HINTSA Performance coach with F2 Racing Driver based in Italy and around the world
  • EXOS Performance Manager for the Romanian Special Forces 
  • Boxing Head of Strength and Conditioning Inspire Institute of Sport India 
  • Sports Rehabilitator and Strength and Conditioning coach for Bangalur FC India
  • Head of Strength and Conditioning Rotherham Titans UK
  • English Institute of Sport (EIS) Strength and Conditioning coach for Olympic and World Championship Gold Medallists UK

For all the details of each extraordinary chapter click HERE

My career isn’t about who I have worked with (if you want to see that then the logos above tell that story), it is about what I have learnt and what problems I can help you solve.

Our Story-old

fail forwards

In my career I have been a lone ranger from the start, I forged my path and fumbled my way to success by failing thousands of times.

Every NO brought me closer to a YES. This image tells this story better than I ever could. 

Because trial and error has been the default strategy for my personal development, I have created systems and processes which I am here to share with you.

Mr More and Better

A lot of you reading this will be very driven and self-critical just like me, we tend to focus on ‘more and better’ regardless of our successes.  There are too many occasions where we agonise over the setbacks and brush over our successes.  Struggle is learning they say. But there is a limit.

On any journey, a GPS or road map will save you some of that struggle, time, money, and a lot of effort from going down the wrong roads. Things will get rough and tough at times, but when you have a clear plan and vision for your future the journey can become a lot more enjoyable.  During our careers, we make enough mistakes through our natural progression which can create that positive friction. But that is all it needs to be, friction, not friction which turns to scars and torment. You CAN fail forwards.

On reflection I am grateful for all the mistakes, failures, and rejections in my career, I would not have had the inspiration and poise to bring you the Career Blueprint. So, I am grateful for my bumpy journey and my scars.  After all, they have given me the experience to bring products and services to you which will not only separate you from the crowd but help you make the decisions which you in 10 years’ time will thank you for.

My mission is to help you build a happy and balanced career by creating tools and resources which reduce the stress and the pressure of your career journey.

Take control of your future by breaking down your long-term goals into smaller manageable daily actions, start working to live and grow your career.  Your career development should be in line with your effort and potential, don’t let your plan sabotage you.

We are here to share our experiences because life is too short to not earn from others mistakes.

We’ll take the stress away and guide you towards Happiness, Health and Wealth.