Career Blueprint

Why you are on board with
the Career Blueprint well-being mission?

It is critical for the lessons and stories of experienced practitioners to be passed on to coaches early in their careers. Everyone comes to a stage where well being becomes more important to them and it would be great if this lesson is learnt at an earlier time point.

A bit about me the person

I am a Dad of two amazing boys Jacob & Albie and husband to my beautiful wife Lesley. I spend my spare time going on family adventures, reading and playing golf.

A bit about me the person

A bit about me the practitioner

My career saw me start out as a Personal Trainer in commercial gyms to an Academy S&C role at Wigan Athletic and onto now running 2 companies. As well as Football Fitness Federation I also run a group training facility in Manchester called M3 Perform where we work with busy professionals from the city.

A bit about what I do now

Football Fitness Federation connects the world’s Sport Scientists and S&C coaches through networking events, our podcast and our online community. The online platform hosts all of our webinars and presentations as well as our members forum.

Flagship product

Football Fitness Online Community – Our community includes practitioners from all around the football world. Our members are from a number of different countries and a range of different levels. The strength of our community has meant practitioners can share thoughts, experiences and opinions in a safe place and has allowed for some superb, productive discussions. Our community is a monthly subscription of £4.99.

You can get a free month by signing up here https://www.footballfitfed.com/forum/index.aspx

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