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Josh Your Whatsapp is Broken…

Josh Your Whatsapp is Broken…

Real conversation with a loved one last week…

‘Josh I think your WhatsApp is broken, it’s doing some weird things, can’t see when you have seen the message any more then you aren’t as engaged in conversation. It’s weird.’

‘That’ll be because I changed my settings so I can respond when it is a good time for me, and not have people’s expectations push me into conversations’

‘Huh? Isn’t that the point of WhatsApp, to be contactable and to get quick responses?’

‘No. I turned the blue ticks and notifications off so I get to choose when and who I speak with. It’s about boundaries, and also not allowing myself to get distracted.’

‘Lol.. ok! Yeah but it’s weird, you duck in and out of conversation and no one knows if you’ve seen it or not. Then you reply late.’

‘Well that’s a boundary as well. What even is a late reply if we haven’t agreed when I was supposed to respond!? Probably on the other person putting some of their own expectations on me as well.’

‘Strange stance Josh. It’s a bit disengaging.’

‘I appreciate your thoughts, good that you and anyone else now knows it’s nothing personal and a boundary I use to stay focussed and engaged with what I’m supposed to be doing.’

To be contactable 24-7 is not a good thing. For me it’s not healthy and it facilitates this distracted world we live in and has consumed me a fair bit.

These things📱are a blessing and a curse. The thing is, we get to choose how we interact with our phones, social media, emails, tv’s. We get to choose who we invite into our front room at 9pm at night or our bedroom when we open our eyes at 7am.

We are now contactable 24-7…if we allow ourselves to be. Make healthy choices and create boundaries that work for you.

What are your boundaries around communication?

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