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CAREER PERIODISATION FOR S&C COACHES MANUAL Your unfair professional advantage.


Career Periodisation is breaking down the core competencies of the industry into small manageable chunks to map out and positively boost your career.


Our industry is incredibly competitive, Career Periodisation is the tool that is going to help you to overcome…

  • Confusion and lack of motivation in your current role
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious about what the right “next decision” is
  • Anxiety relating to building a sustainable, long-term career in the field
  • Feeling that your career path is out of your control

When you create goals you set your intentions, when you create a plan, you are mapping out exactly how you will achieve these goals. The most important part of a goal is understanding the exact process you will implement in order to achieve the target. That is what Career Periodisation will do for you.


The Reflective Practitioners Journal is a beautifully simple product which will be your guide towards happiness, health and wealth. It is designed to give you daily, weekly and monthly check-ins so you can not only improve as a coach but as a practitioner.

We operate in a service industry; we serve our athletes in order to optimise their performance. But what are you doing to help optimise yours? We cannot truly turn up for our clients and athletes if we are not looking after our own well-being. The Reflective Practitioners Journal is your start point.

The Reflective Practitioners Journal
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The Career Periodisation Manual is the only product of its kind, designed specifically to help Strength & Conditioning coaches create the career you want. Using the unique concepts detailed in this manual, we will help you to identify the stage and phase of your career, measure yourself against the core competencies of the S&C industry, and fill out your bespoke 4-year and 1-year periodised planners, so you can build the professional pathway you want.


Who is it for?

Any S&C coach who is...

Unsure of their next step

Stuck in their current role

Struggling to climb the ladder

Confused about how to build their career

Wanting to create more professional freedom and sustainability

The Manual What you can expect

  • 1st product of it’s kind
  • Comprehensive S&C core competencies framework
  • Complete chapter on identifying phases and stages of your career
  • Early and late stage 4-year & 1-year example planners
  • Fillable 4-year and 1-year periodised planners
  • Free 4-year Agile Periodisation Planner
  • 10% discount for 1-2-1 Career Periodisation Consultation
Planners are fillable and printable for you to plan your own development specific to YOUR needs, based on where you are, and where you want to be.

Stages and phases

As we progress through our lives our needs and wants evolve. In order to map out your professional pathway it is essential you know where you are right now. Use our 4 simple categories Breaker, survivor, thriver and re-definer, to help identify your start point and plan for your next stage. Where are you on your professional path?


Core competencies

Core competencies are the pillars upon which you measure your skillset, against those required to do a certain job. They are a personal gap analysis. In some areas you may meet the needs fully, and other areas may be lacking. Being aware of what is required in relation to each stage of your career is crucial in order to plan your own development. This section of the manual supports you to increase your career self-awareness and identify your gaps.

The planners


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Follow the Reflective Practitioner Program and the Happy Practitioner exercises to add structure, positivity and consistency to your professional reflections before taking a little time for yourself each day to invest in your happiness, heath and wealth.

Phases and Stages

  • Identify where you are
  • Highlight the next steps
  • Understand how to progress

Core Competencies

  • Identify your gaps
  • Unique core competencies framework
  • Stage specific competency breakdown

Creating Bespoke Planners

  • Fillable PDF planners
  • 4 year & 1 year planners
  • Bespoke coaching available
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YOUR AUTHORS Your unfair professional advantage.

Josh Fletcher

Practitioner Wellness Guy and owner of Career Blueprint. High Performance Coach in F3/F2 Motorsport with Hintsa. Formerly of EXOS working with the Special Forces, English Institute of Sport and professional rugby and football. Read more about Josh’s journey HERE.

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Dan Howells

High Performance Consultant working across multiple international sports teams, owner of Collaborate Sports and Senior lecturer at Brighton University. Formerly of EIS, England & Team GB Rugby 7’s, Houston Astros. Read more about Dan’s journey HERE.



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I love my Reflective Practitioners Journal. In fact, I bought one for everyone on our staff. Reflective gratitude writing has been shown to be effective for so many areas of life. Thanks, Josh

Mike Boyle
MB Strength & Conditioning

Thanks to Career Blueprint for bringing such a great resource to those of us working in high performance environments. Self-reflection and self-care are under indexed amongst performance practitioners. Check this great little journaling tool out.

Duncan French
UFC Vice President Performance

A superb addition to the support practitioner’s toolkit. Thoughtfully put together, informed by high-performance industries, practical and intuitive. If you’re interested in improving and managing your energies this journal is well worth the investment.

Dr Steve Ingham
Supporting Champions

FFF Career Decision Making Framework

FFF Career Decision Making Framework

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