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Why you are on board with the Career
Blueprint well-being mission

Today, we can control our work / rest ratio better than ever. If you have an inquisitive mind and an ounce of motivation, then you can work for yourself. I have worked full time in pro-sport, the 6/7 day a week style, and also worked in organisations where my passion for the job began to disappear. That’s why I started my own company and now have a brilliant blend of both professional sport and steering my own ship. This results in a feeling of security and importantly time at home with my growing family. For this reason, I can say right now I lead a happy and healthy life.

A bit about me the person

I have my first child on the way (5 days overdue as I write this) and a Hungarian Vizsla called Sunny who is just as mad as me!

My fiancé is Nura who is a proud Danish and adopted Scouser.

I lost my father to a fatal cardiac arrest 3 years ago and everything I do is to make him and my family proud..

A bit about me the person

A bit about me the practitioner

The classic, undergraduate, masters and then PhD in sport science and applied physiology with nutrition respectively. Previous work including with West Ham FC, Widnes Vikings Rugby League, Warrington Wolves Rugby League, numerous professional boxers, motorsport drivers, England Football (The FA).

Ultimately, I help elite level athletes and individuals improve training adaptation, performance and health using evidence-based nutrition and exercise strategies.

A bit about what I do now

Current work includes Bristol Bears Rugby Union, England Roses (RFU), professional boxers and my own company – Morehen Performance Ltd.

Flagship product

My first Amazon book. The Performance Nutritionist: Insights, reflections and advice from practitioners working in elite sport.


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