Career Blueprint

Why you are on board with the Career
Blueprint well-being mission

I’m onboard with the mission because I suffered ill health and too much time away from my wife and kids before realising I had many other venues to continue my career successful without having to compromise as much as I had been. Anything I can do or share to guide others in how to navigate that successfully has my full support!

A bit about me the person

I’m husband that’s punching well above his weight. I’m a father to 2 amazing kids. I’m still a frustrated athlete that loves to throw weights around, and I’ve rediscovered a love of running, albeit slowly! I’m now at a point in my life that I actually have time to pick up the ukulele (and play it terribly)…and I love a good board game!

A bit about me the person

A bit about me the practitioner

I’ve worked as a PT in London and Australia. I then worked in private health care, then in pro rugby. I spent 10 years developing and leading the athlete performance program at Hartpury College and University. Most recently I spent 2 years creating and delivering the corporate wellbeing programme for Mercedes HPP (the F1 engine manufacturer) and supporting the trackside engineers and mechanics over the race weekends,

A bit about what I do now

I’m currently running two businesses. One is 1:1 coaching, including mentoring coaches, the other is in the world of corporate wellbeing and executive high performance – helping global business leaders optimise their health and performance.

Flagship product

Bespoke 1:1 coaching or mentoring via Better Human Performance. Link: lintr.ee/betterhumanperformance

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