Career Blueprint




In this episode Josh joins:

Josh talks about practitioner well-being, the harsh realities of burnout and Career Periodisation.


In this episode Josh joins:

Dr. Peter Olusoga to discuss burnout and the impact it has had on his career.

The ADAPT Performance Podcast

In this episode josh talks about:

About his experiences working with the Special Forces and some of his more recent work focusing on Performance Practitioner Well-being.

Football Fitness Federation Podcast

In this episode Josh talks about:

The stages and phases of career and how you can plan for them to ensure you build a pathway which is both fulfilling and rewarding.

Science for sport podcast

In this episode Josh talks about:

Josh has dedicated his business Career Blueprint to performance practitioner well-being. ‘We look after our athletes well-being but ours is an afterthought.

Atheltic Evolution podcast

In this episode Josh talks about:

A real deep dive into Performance Practitioner Well-being and why it is so important.

Strength in depth Podcast

In this episode Josh talks about:

Why Performance Practitioners aren’t delivering optimum service to their athletes and clients.

Leave your mark podcast

In this episode Josh talks about:

His career to date, how burnout changed his approach to coaching and life.

Roundup Rodeo

In this episode Josh talks about:

In this episode Josh and Fin Kelly talk about the wellness paradox and the role of wellness in professional sustainability.

Platform to Perform Podcast

In this episode josh talks about: 

The stages of the career journey, the groundbreaking concept of career periodisation and the wild west of training the Special Forces.

Coach Sportland Podcast

In this episode Josh talks about: 

The phases of a performance practitioners career progression and the concept of Career Periodisation.

The World of Sports Performance Podcast

In this episode Josh talks about: 

His experiences living abroad, burnout and why he has shifted his attention to performance practitioner Happiness, Health and Wealth.

Science for sport podcast

In this episode Josh talks about:

The importance of prioritising your well-being and how you can do that.

Monarch Human Performance Podcast

In this episode Josh talks about: 

Training the Special Forces. Approach and methods used with an incredibly elite and unique group of Tactical Athletes. 

Science for Sport Podcast

In this episode Josh talks about:

3 Key lessons he has taken from working with special forces

Chalk up Podcast

In this episode josh talks about:

His career pathway, ups, and downs, wins and lessons. Career periodisation and how to get ahead of the pack and land yourself in the YES pile.

Roundup Rodeo

In this episode Josh joins:

Dan Howells to discuss how Career Periodisation can be your unfair professional advantage.


Strategic planning to improve career success in sport

When we speak of strategy we will often first think of the military, business or perhaps politics, we may consider the term as ‘our plan to achieving victory or success’. These environments have been instrumental in our conceptual understanding of what strategy is and how to move our ideas to actions. As such coaches can and should take the lessons learned, theories and concepts to guide our athletes towards reaching their performance goals.

7 Rules to avoid a catastrophic loss of rapport

High-performance sport is full of strong personalities, challenging training methods, thoughts and opinions, which in truly elite environments are not just important but encouraged.  But disagreements can escalate quickly if you don’t apply some principles to your communication with other people.  A catastrophic loss of rapport is when a relationship is damaged through poor communication, to the extent that it is no longer functional or positive for yourself, the environment or the athletes.

3 great questions to ask at interview

If you have made it to the interview, it’s usually fair to assume you have the skills to do the job, your CV would have indicated that to the panel. Now you need to show why you’re the best or most promising candidate for the job. This article will focus on an area of the interview process, which is often not optimised by the interviewee, the classic ‘Do you have any questions for us?’ posed by the panel and the end of your interview.

two ways p.a.c.e planning is crucial for S&C coaches

PACE planning is a military acronym used to describe communications strategies used in every imaginable eventuality in combat. The goal is to try to mitigate points of failure within the communications system, to ensure the highest possible level of success in that situation is achieved.

This system has been extended and accepted beyond just communication by military personnel, into just about all areas of their mission planning, training, simulation exercises and education delivery.

6 lessons learned from working abroad

In this interview, we sit down and talk with two coaches whose careers have taken them to 6 different countries across 5 different continents. James de Lacy, Head of S&C at the Romanian Rugby Federation and Josh Fletcher, Human Performance Manager at EXOS will talk about their journeys, experiences and lessons learned along the way, providing coaches with key take away messages which they can apply to their careers in any country.

what do S&C coaches actually do?

The role of the strength & conditioning (S&C) coach has typically been well defined as one which supports the athletic development and sports performance of competitive athletes (Haff & Triplett 2016).

Due to the diverse range of responsibilities, the S&C coach needs to have a broad skill set and is essentially a master generalist. This raises the question – what do s&c coaches actually do?

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