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Why you are on board with
the Career Blueprint well-being mission?

I’m proud to be aligned with Josh and all that he is doing. As we get older we have lessons that come and offer us powerful insights, if we choose to listen to them. What I was guilty of for so long in my career as an S&C coach, was to demand that any knowledge I received had been through the peer reviewed lens. As useful as that is it’s just one facet to a bigger picture. This is what Josh is offering to you. He’s using the lessons he’s learned in his life so far to illuminate a new path for performance practitioners. Both from an evidenced perspective and from his own lived experience. This enables practitioners to thrive not just in their career, but in their personal lives as well.

A bit about me the person

Before my career in sport I worked in the French Alps for 2 winter seasons, which gave me a love for snowboarding, mountains & big nature. This shows up in my life now such as swimming in the English Channel all year round. I’m super interested in all forms of breath work such as free-dive training and meditation. It’s the powerful states that these practices offer that I find most intriguing of all. One of the greatest experiences I’ve had to date has been attending the Burning Man festival in 2016 with my wife Anna. You will sometimes find me on a road bike in the Sussex country lanes, or climbing trees with my daughter Stella.

A bit about me the person

A bit about me the practitioner

For over 16 years I worked as an S&C coach in high performance sport, with organizations such as the English Institute of Sport, Hints & EXOS. This included supporting athletes in preparation for both Summer & Winter Olympic Games. I was never that guy who could spout off the latest research. My strengths were always to meet the people (athletes) who were in front of me. I could create and form relationships easily, which I believe is why I had the impact & success that I did.

A bit about what I do now

I now run my company The Conscious Life Collective with my wife Anna. Our main mission is to inspire those around us to develop their inner work and outer action, in service of a flourishing world. This requires living and working purposefully towards a vision, in alignment with your values and in a state of constant learning about yourself and the reality in which you exist. This includes leadership & performance consulting with companies and athletes, through to volunteer work with patients at various stages of cancer treatment. The one thing that connects these groups is that they are, above all else, people needing support. We also host in-person retreats and interactive group coaching.

Flagship product


The Lost to Liberated Mentorship is for senior performance support staff who are driven to make an impact in high performance sport yet feel burnt out from improving their athletes at the expense of themselves. They feel like they are constantly having to take on and achieve more to prove their worth and get validation. This mentorship empowers them to open up their self awareness so they can move to a place of calm, clarity and freedom to live authentically to their values of balancing their personal needs with the demands of their career, putting themselves first and give their time and energy to the people they love.

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