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How to prevent burnout and create a sustainable coaching career.

Scholarship & Bursary Application

About the Course

Thrive is a 6-week interactive course designed for sports coaches and performance practitioners who are/have suffered from burnout or want to avoid it in the future.  The course is delivered by Dr. Peter Olusoga who has over a decade in research stress and burnout in elite-level coaching and owner of Career Blueprint, Josh Fletcher. You will move away from disillusionment and apathy in the workplace, towards an inspired career which fills you with pride, passion and love.

The Scholarship and Bursary Offer

We care about practitioner well-being, which is why we are offering the opportunity to join the course. We do not want money to be the barrier preventing practitioners in need from gaining support so we are sponsoring 2 practitioners to ensure that we keep the barriers to high-level education low and increase access to support for all levels.

🏆 1 x fully paid place on the course

🏅1 x 50% off place on the course

How Do You Apply?

Answer the questions below as fully as possible and submit before midnight on the 6th of Feb 2023.
If you have any question, then do not hesitate to email at contact@yourcareer-blueprint.com.

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