Career Blueprint

Why you are on board with the Career
Blueprint well-being mission

I am on board the mission of career blueprint because I’ve seen through my own experience and the insights of close to 300 podcast interviews, that people in HP don’t always do right by themselves, or allow themselves the space, time, and faith to explore, fail, over-reach, and revise the way they do for their own clients. You must first put on your oxygen mask!

A bit about me the person

I’m and OG, who’s seen a few things, and learned a few lessons in life. I was adopted as a baby. My family fractured early in life. Been married three times and divorced twice. Lived the highs and lows of work and business. Been fired and lost everything a couple of times. Long into my journey I discovered the value of working on my mindset, and ever since, I’ve been dedicated to helping others work on theirs. Today, I live life to the fullest, in business with my wife of 17 years, and truly connected to my daughter. Life is good.

A bit about me the person

A bit about me the practitioner

I became a therapist and performance coach in the late 80s. Worked for a major University in Canada as the Lead S+C and therapist through most of the 90s. In the late 90s I took a role with an NHL team for a year, moved to another team, lost my job, and then found a role back in Canada with the Montreal Canadiens hockey club. All in, I worked in the league for eleven years. Near the end of the 2000s I decided I’d had enough of professional hockey and focused all my attention, with my third wife, on the business I had begun in the early 2000’s. We built a thriving performance business and my personal work aligned most with professional and Olympic athlete training and Reconditioning (a blended practice of therapy and performance). In the early 2000s we also started teaching the practice of Reconditioning, and built our company, ReconditioningHQ.com. In 2017 we sold our brick-and-mortar business to begin a focus on private education. Around that time, I started my podcast, Leave Your Mark (LYM), a program dedicated to telling the stories of accomplished people so that others may learn from their experiences.

A bit about what I do now

ReconditioningHQ.com is a company dedicated to bringing the worlds of therapy and performance together within a powerful operating system recognizing the holistic nature of movement, and the governance of the neurological system. This approach provides the practitioner with a common language of practice and an ability to solve movement and injury issues in isolation or within a performance team. Leave Your Mark is a podcast of personal passion, dedicated to providing the listener with enlightening thought and wisdom through the story of the guest. As an overture of the podcast, I’ve created a Life Lab, designed to help human performance professionals navigate life, understand their purpose, and build a life of true fulfilment and joy.

Flagship product

LYM Life Lab

LYM Life Lab Professionals all over the world are seeking a sense of direction, a beacon or lighthouse in their own storm, to be a point of reflection, to provide insight, and to guide them towards a life of personal fulfillment and joy.

My purpose is to challenge convention, create change, and inspire those who I meet, and mentor through my own actions and shared experiences.

The LYM Life Lab is a lighthouse in your storm


Here is a link to a free Life Lab Starter Kit https://lymlab.com/free-lym-lab-starter/

Should those find interest in the concept of Reconditioning, here is a link to our website


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