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Short Courses and Manuals Well-being tools and resources which give you the skills to take control of your well-being.

The Career Blueprint short courses and manuals are education resources which guide performance practitioners, sports coaches and fitness professionals towards a more balanced, fulfilled and happy life.

what will our short courses and manuals do for you?

In jobs where we give so much of ourselves away to others, it is important we understand how we can

Create time and space for ourselves Build a professional pathway and lifestyle full of opportunity and fulfilment
Reduce the potential for exhaustion and burnout Switch off from the needs of others
Create an optimum environment for high performance and productivity Stay engaged and motivated in the workplace
Take control of your happiness, health and wealth

In high pressure environments like coaching and performance sport, burnout and poor personal well-being is common. Our short courses and manuals will give you the skills to take back control of your well-being, personal and professional pathway whilst safe in the knowledge you aren’t alone.

Be guided with our manuals and deep dive with our short courses into specific topics created by collaborators who are subject matter experts. Our library of resources is only going to grow, so if there is a wellness related topic you are interested in some support, please let us know.

Short Courses and Manuals
Short Courses and Manuals

Who are the short courses and manuals for?

For the practitioners who put their clients and athletes first at the expense of their social lives, happiness, health, wealth and career progression. For the practitioners who don’t leave enough for themselves.



Sports Coaches



physical therapists





Because you are more than just a performance practitioner.

Short courses and manuals.

Short Courses and Manuals
Short Courses and Manuals
Short Courses and Manuals