Career Blueprint

Why you are on board with
the Career Blueprint well-being mission?

Wellbeing is about finding balance between all of the important and essential things in your life and is something we should never stop striving for. Careers can become all-consuming and have an important role, but optimisation needs strategy and careful decision making.

A bit about me the person

I’ve been married for 8 years and am slowly trying to build a life that allows me to spend all day either creating/doing useful things for people or relaxing with animals.

A bit about me the person

A bit about me the practitioner

10+ years balancing my time between coaching at various levels and sports, writing and running degree programmes and obsessing about S&C education. I’ve been a lead S&C coach an MSc and BSc course lead and a UKSCA director. But in all honestly, I am a lone wolf who considers himself a creative sense maker in the world of performance and learning.

A bit about what I do now

I run Strength Coach Curriculums which provides some of the most transformational professional development for S&C’s available on the internet. We provide high depth masterclass style courses to help you strategically enhance all of your weakness’ and development priorities as a performance practitioner. Alongside this I run MSc programme at the University of South Wales and lead the S&C programme for Bristol Flyers Basketball.

Flagship product

Our first course is our Agility Course which is the only comprehensive course on COD, agility, deceleration skills and ACL injury risk. (You guys can sign up for an affiliate link here https://strengthcoachcurriculums.thrivecart.com/agility-lab-premium/partner/)

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