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Reflective Practitioners Journal Testamonials

I love my Reflective Practitioners Journal. In fact, I bought one for everyone on our staff. Reflective gratitude writing has been shown to be effective for so many areas of life. Thanks, Josh

Mike Boyle
MB Strength & Conditioning

Thanks to Career Blueprint for bringing such a great resource to those of us working in high performance environments. Self-reflection and self-care are under indexed amongst performance practitioners. Check this great little journaling tool out.

Duncan French
UFC Vice President Performance

A superb addition to the support practitioner’s toolkit. Thoughtfully put together, informed by high-performance industries, practical and intuitive. If you’re interested in improving and managing your energies this journal is well worth the investment.

Dr Steve Ingham
Supporting Champions

It is easy to get bogged down in the day to day, forgetting to take stock and reflect on what we’re doing and why. Josh has produced a quality, well designed and deeply thought-out resource to allow practitioners to do this in a fun, engaging and purposeful way through the Reflective Practitioners Journal

Rob Pacey
Sportsmith & Pacey Performance Podcast

Reflective practice has been unbelievably helpful in my career development and enhancing self-awareness. Josh has done a great job raising awareness in and around coaches well-being and personal development

Chris Tombs
Performance Specialist

Josh’s The Reflective Practitioners Journal is a must for any individual who wants to dial into their work life balance, challenge finance, family and fulfilment pillars and improve overall mental clarity for the better. I have really enjoyed working through the journal so far especially the pages about vision

James Morehen
Performance Nutritionist

The Reflective Practitioners Journal is designed to help you take control of your personal and professional journey.

Committing to working through this journal “forces” you to take time to reflect on different areas of your life and professional practice and be intentional in how you determine to live.

Pete McKnight
High Performance Manager

I’ve found the journal very helpful in being more present and deliberate in my decision making and priorities. It’s been a great addition to my daily routine!

Rob Anderson
Athletic Evolution

Smart and engaging

Really good for me so far. I am being challenged a lot, I never thought that would happen to be honest. 3 up 3 down reflection method has been a bit of a game changer for me so far.

Paul. R

Eye opening. Really helpful

It highlights something right in front of our eyes that I totally miss out on, self-care and self-management. It’s really helped me to look a bit further down the line as a coach.

Gaz. D

Trends being set here

It is something so needed in our industry. I am really hopeful this can help with the positive change. The Facebook community has been great for me, probably more beneficial than the journal for me.

Rob. A

Putting breaks on the industry churn and burn issue

Our industry isn’t in a good place with regards to coach health and well-being. I guess that’s why the guys have created this Journal, to fill that gap that our employers leave with our wellness. Fully behind this initiative

Simon. B

he journal has taught me how to take control

No one ever tells you how to take control of your work life balance, just that we need to. This has changed that for me. The values, guiding principles and goal setting exercises were my favourite.

James. H

Loved the simplicity of the reflections

I am a very negative reflector. The daily and weekly check ins have forced me to approach things with a more positive slant, some really interesting outcomes to that for me. Would recommend.

Aaron. P

About time someone actually did something about practitioner health and wellbeing

It’s been way too long for a product like this to be made. Well done guys, certainly going to add real value to the industry and practitioner’s mental health and wellbeing.

Aaron. P

These guys care and they just get it

This isn’t an expense it’s an investment. I never put enough time, effort and money into me, into creating my own pathway to happiness and this journal has really helped me to do that in a really engaging and practical way. Just pre-ordered my next Journal!

Danielle. S

Better than I expected

I wasn’t expecting this I must say! I was worried it wouldn’t work for me as a physio and be really ‘coach centric’ I suppose. But it seems to be based on principles which apply everywhere really. I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

Sian. G

Clubs and governing bodies should buy for staff

You want happy hard-working staff who have some direction and purpose then this journal is a must. Get ahead of the game and give it out as part of the onboarding process.

Nick. D

Simple and enjoyable

Good product. Helping me find time for me. I like it.

Petr. S

It feels so good to give a bit of time

These guys have hit the nail on the head, we don’t take enough time and energy to focus on ourselves. I put everyone else first professionally and I am now learning how to change that. I really enjoyed the Happy Practitioner exercises, they helped me take my blinkers off.

John. C

The industry has been screaming out

There is so much negativity and moaning about the performance industry and finally 2 guys with a lot of skin in the game have put a product out there to help us be more than just our jobs. I’m a few weeks in and I really think this will help me avoid some of the horror stories we hear so much about. As for stories, I just listened to these guys ones and they are pretty epic, you should definitely check that out on their website.

Sam. G

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