Career Blueprint

The Digest Where the guests talk

The digest is 10-15 minute recordings where the guest shares their well-being knowledge and experiences.

The digest has been created to give subject matter experts and people who have lived through significant well-being issues a platform to pay it forward. We aren’t alone with our struggles and we want to highlight that so we can push forward together. 

In the military world they call it left of bang 💥, what happened in the build-up to an incident or catastrophic event. Followed by what can we learn and adapt in our standard operating procedures.

Our goal is to get left of these bangs 💥

  • Burnout
  • Getting sh*t canned
  • Dealing with professional confusion
  • Understanding yourself
  • Losing the love of the game

What to expect

  • No big intro spiel
  • The guest speaking
  • Very raw and honest content
  • That it might not be for you
  • Average production value (it’s about the words and content)
  • 10–15 minute recordings
  • Clear and well-defined outcomes

The Episodes

Josh Fletcher