Career Blueprint

Why you are on board with
the Career Blueprint well-being mission?

I am an advocate for positive experiences within our personal and professional lives, and sometimes, careers can become all consuming. No one said at the end of their lives “I wish I’d spent more time at work” but it can take over. With what Josh is doing, it helps practitioners create reality, refocus their priorities and create a better balance for themselves, which ultimately helps practitioners thrive further in their careers.

A bit about me the person

I have a successful Sausage Dog home boarding business which not everyone knows about. It allows me to mix what I enjoy (dogs & walking) with some of my stronger skills such as communication and building rapport and trust with clients. I love to travel and focus on ensuring that I get abroad multiple times a year!

A bit about me the person

A bit about me the practitioner

I have spent nearly 20 years working in elite sport, with Olympic, Commonwealth and Professional Athletes. I’ve been fortunate to experience work with the English Institute of Sport, England Rugby, and Major League Baseball. My experiences on creating performance impact is something I am passionate about helping current and developing practitioners add in to their own practices.

A bit about what I do now

I run Collaborate Sports which focuses on creating mentorship and coaching support that focuses on real world application of S&C practices (for S&C coaches) and Personal Soft Skills (all practitioners). Currently I am consulting to teams also in many areas of high performance.

Flagship product

S&C IPD Group Mentorship

Soft Skills IPD Group Mentorship

The IPD stands for Interactive Personal Development – we focus on collaboration, and bringing interaction to each of the learning experiences in the programme.

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